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    Five Easy Disney Tips for a Magical Family Summer

    There has never been a better time to take advantage of some Disney hacks that contribute to a memorable family vacation at Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek.

    We’re not just talking about riding the popular rides early in the morning or dividing and conquering when it comes to standing-in-line strategy. We’re talking about the tips and tricks that create an entire experience, a stay with memories that will never fade.

    If we’re being honest, it can feel a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be because we’ve formulated a game plan for you. Whether you’re looking to spearhead vacation plans for the family or just want a few ideas for you and a special someone, this guide will point you to all things Mickey.

      1. Make an intinery for your trip

      A trip like this requires focus, precision and accurate execution – basically just try to channel your inner Merida. The tragedy of all vacation tragedies is leaving feeling like you missed something (and we honestly can’t bear the thought of you missing out on something like the new Dole Whip flavors).

      We advise you to plan. Make a list of all the restaurants, all the attractions and all the experiences you can’t leave without. Check out blogs like disneyfoodblog.com, chipandco.com and Disney parks blog for updates on the newest attractions, product releases, new food and beverage menu items and lots more. You’ll be able to make a master list of everything you want to see, eat and experience and then you can begin scheduling your days. And you know what helps with that? Booking early. Like 60 days early. Read on.

      2. Book as early as possible

      It’s a well-known fact that the higher a resort’s capacity, the higher the room rates. Since the only soarin’ we want a part of is at EPCOT® , we highly advise you to book your stay as early as possible. Especially if you plan to use our new Disney FastPass+ service (more on that in the next hack).

      If you choose to stay at an Official Walt Disney World® resort, which we highly recommend, this benefit can be yours up to 60 days before you even arrive. Yep, you can essentially hold your spot in line up to 60 days before you check-in if you book your resort stay early! So, it begs the question… what resort?

      3. Stay at an Official Walt Disney World® Partner Resort

      This hack is truly here to help you save time for what matters most on your trip – stress-free, convenient, family fun! Let us explain a few key things: not every hotel in the surrounding Disney area offers the benefits that get you earlier access to select Disney Theme Park attractions and more time once you’re actually in the parks. But Official Walt Disney World® resorts do!

      The perks begin with earlier access to your future spot in line with Disney FastPass+ 60 day service, Disney Extra Magic Hours, easy transportation (be sure to choose a resort that offers complimentary motorcoach transportation) and so much more. You’ll be even closer to everything, which means you can easily show up to the parks early (or stay a little later), using a little friend called Disney Extra Magic Hours.

        4. Save your favorite ride for later… or earlier

        It might sound counterintuitive to not rush right into Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster line, but hear us out. The Disney Extra Magic Hours benefit we mentioned above is the exact tool that will help you use this hack well. You see, each day one of the four Walt Disney World Theme Parks opens early or stays open later for guests to enjoy select attractions. You can always check out the Disney Extra Magic Hours calendar here to see how it might work for you and your family.

        One of the top tips our guests have found luck with is to use Disney Extra Magic Hours when you have park hoppers and to get in line near the end of the evening. Park hoppers help when you see that a theme park is filling up too quickly, and you can go check out another one.

        The evening tip works because most people leave the park after fireworks, clearing the way for you to get in on the action with much less of a wait. We’re telling you now, you’ll have incredibly fun, wondrously entertaining, long days ahead with this hack. Our best advice? Pack accordingly.

        5. Pack some extra clothes, supplies and snacks

        What’s better than one pair of Briar Rose Gold mouse ears? Two, but the second in Potion Purple. Look, mouse ears might not be the biggest concern when wanting to freshen up after a long day in the parks, but we definitely recommend bringing a light change of clothes for everyone in your clan.

        We highly suggest a back pack, teeming with essentials: 30+ SPF sunscreen, anti-bacterial lotions and wipes, ibuprofen, deodorant, autograph book and marker, a change of underwear (no one likes chaffing from water-ride splash!), a poncho or compact umbrellas, sunglasses, hat, and a water-misting bottle.

        Bring snacks that you know your family loves and of course, don’t forget your phone before you leave the room – you’ll need it for two reasons: all the Instagrammable moments you’ll discover with an outfit change and to link the MyDisneyExperience app on your phone. This app will be your best friend to navigate your way through the parks and beyond.

        Getting the most out of your family-time at Disney is as easy as booking at Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek. To begin planning your summer Disney getaway, simply click here.